Singapore Moneylender Myths – Know When You Borrow

It is possible you have by now heard some myths concerning borrowing from moneylenders in Singapore. For someone who has not take the time to get a personal loan provided by these moneylenders. It is possible you may have found yourself in a trap.

How then can you tell the lenders apart?

Most of these myths are not true about these lenders. And provided you only choose to deal with a fully licensed lender, you will not need to any worries about these and any other myths out there. What can you do to ensure that you only get personal loans offered by licensed moneylender?

Below are some things that you need to be aware of regarding choosing the right lender and loan type. Let’s get right to it.


In general, taking loans comes with some pros and cons. Some of the positives include: having emergency funds, ready cash, and equity. On the other hand, the cons for getting a loan are repayment periods, interest payment, and other restrictions and terms that are placed as you get loans from some moneylenders.

  • There Is Only One Loan Type

You will find more than one loan types offered by moneylenders in Singapore. So, for someone who is under the assumption that there is one loan type, you need to note that Singapore has many types of both loans and lenders available to you.

  • Secured

For this type of loan, you will be required to present some form of security so that you can get a loan. When it concerns a risky borrower, most money lenders will require that they present some collateral when you are taking out any cash loan they offer.

  • Unsecured

Additionally, you will find that there are unsecured loans. With this type of loan, you will not be required to present some security. How do you get this loan then? All you have to do is simply borrow and promise to pay the loan back. Normally, the amount involves is often smaller or given to the less risky customers who wish to request for a personal loan from a moneylender.

  • Cons/ Advantage

Unsecured loans have several advantages for a borrower which include: instant approval, no security required, and reasonable rates of interest.

  • The cons include: Only certain borrowers can access them, reduced ability to access, and only a few lenders provide these loan types to borrowers.

Why Do I Need To Borrow?

The idea that since you are financially adequate you do not need to borrow is not correct. In Singapore, borrowing will help build your credit rating and will help you grow equity in any business. What other reasons will make you borrow?

  • Market change

It is hard to predict how the markets or the economy will be changing. So, when you are assuming that you do not need money in such circumstances. It is likely that you will find this as a great challenge when you are faced with a cash crunch.

  • Purchasing land

In this instance, can a personal loan help you? Yes, it will. Actually, you will be able to buy more, have more in down payment, and get a bigger land, if you have sufficient funds to finance.

  • Emergencies

In emergency situations, you may not need a loan, however, having emergency funds put aside will help. But money loans will often help in covering other expenses when these situations arise.

  • I do not pay rent

By getting a loan you will be able to pay for other expenses. Additionally, since you do not have to pay rent does not imply you do not have bills to settle. So, why do you need to borrow? You can count on personal loans to assist you to cover these expenses.

  • I make enough

Certainly, this is what many hope for. Also, even when you do make enough you can still get some benefits from a loan. Hence, you will find many reasons for you to borrow, even when it is to have some ready cash.

Moneylender Options In Singapore

As you are seeking a loan, you will find that there are several lenders to choose from. Regardless of the one you choose to work with, ensure that they have a valid license to operate in Singapore before you borrow. Why is this important? Working with a licensed lender will protect you as a borrower from fraudulent lenders.

How Can You Find The Right Moneylender?

Finding out whether a money lender is licensed is quite easy to do. How is this possible? In Singapore, there are quick online searches and government listings which will help you locate the suitable moneylender.

What Should You Look For

As you search for a licensed lender, you will also want to have lower interest, a longer repayment, trust, and reliable reputation in a moneylender before you opt to work with them.

  • Best terms

So as to ensure that you get the best loan deals, you will need to take the time to carry out thorough research. Why do you need to do this? In so doing, you will be able to locate the right lender with the best loan package.

  • Reliable

It is not enough for a lender to say they are reliable. How is this so? It is best that borrowers rely on a lender’s reviews, ratings, and online posts or government rating, so as to find the best lenders.

  • Which lender do I choose?

How can you pick the right lender for you? When you are not yet clear on how to go about this since there are many resources available. All you have to do an online search, compare top lenders and even looking through the government sites for licensed lender page.

These are all resources that you can use for locating the right moneylender, and loan terms which you can follow when paying back your loan.


Personal loans are very valuable lending tools when they are utilized as intended. How can you ensure that you find the best deal and the right lender for you? By doing research and comparing interest offered you can find the best package and lender for you.