Payday Loan Vs. Personal Loan: Knowing The Best Choice For You

When you are facing problems planning for your income. Especially when it is to last you until the next payday. Then you do not have to worry about it. There are those instances when you have to deviate for a moment from the strict budget. This might be either for the purpose of pampering yourself with the best buys. Or it could also for use on some unexpected expenditure. Examples of these can be for replacements or repairs and medical assistance.

However, when you are faced with these unplanned for expenses. You could be thinking that you only have only a few alternatives for you to choose from. Even then, think again. It may be a good place o start by identifying a trusted partner. This is important as far as your financial needs are concerned. This is very important at all times. You will need to consider what your moneylender offers in loans to suit your needs. They need to be able to provide payday loans as well as personal loans.

Even with that the problem now would be which of the two is a better choice. You are aware that both these loans are helpful, especially for your short-term financial requirements.

Several of these needs include rent, maintenance of medications and electricity bills. It is important that you realize that different legal moneylenders have varying policies. This is more so as far as personal loans and payday loans are concerned. However, both of these loans share the same purpose. That is to help borrowers meet their financial obligations.


One of the important basis for choosing the right loan type is your occupation. This can dictate whether you will decide on a payday loan or personal loan. As a borrower, when you have a source of income through employment. Then the best loan type choice would be the payday loan.

When using this loan type, what you need to do is simply present a post-dated check. This will act as collateral and you will not require having your credit report being checked. On the other hand, when you do not have a steady source of income. In this case, then taking out a personal loan might be the appropriate choice for you.

Considering that you are not able to present any sort of post-dated check. You could as well make use of the personal loan. This will come in handy for all your short-term financial requirements. This is because it might be costly when you take out this loan for the long-term loan as an alternative.

Credit Report

But because personal loans are usually unsecured loans. The one thing that your licensed moneylender would have to do. They will make certain that they do not wind up getting bad debts on your credit record. The lenders will certainly have a closer look at your scores.

Once they are done, they will have to analyze whether you still are capable of settling your loans or not. But then, you will have received a credit-report-check-free using the payday loans. The reason for is since your post-dated check is actually a kind of payment. This will be from the amount that you have taken out as a loan.

When you do not wish to get hassled by having the credit report scrutinized, you could then consider using payday loans which is more suitable for you.

Repayment Period

Under normal circumstances, personal loans come with longer repayment tenures. These can range from a few months to 1 year and even 2 years. As a contrast, the repayment time for payday loans is shorter starting from about one week. Considering that some payday loans come with repayment periods which last for almost 2 weeks.

In addition, the payday loans let debtors who cannot pay back in full have an option. They are able to “renew” the loan after every end of every pay tenure. They are able to do this by putting a nominal payment. This helps only to cover part of the interests incurred on the payday loan. The renewals, therefore, help extend this loan. This means that a 2-week loan may end up running for several months more. This might even end up going for over a year in order for you to settle the loan fully.

Based on a research report by the CFPB. It shows that ordinary borrowers will remain in this loan cycle for around 5 months.


Usually, when taking out the payday loan you are required to present a post-dated check. This you are to issue to your moneylender and it should be for the sum borrowed. In addition, you will need to include some extra cash for the financing fees. The lender offering you the loan will only need to convert this check into cash. This they will get to do when you receive your month’s pay.

However, when it comes to personal loans, you will not be required to offer any form of collateral. Therefore, these types of loans are unsecured. Your money lender will also not have any kind of hold on your personal possessions. For these reasons, personal loans are quite attractive when compared to the payday loans.

At the end of it all, it will only depend on your financial situation. Especially when you are choosing between the personal loan and the payday loan. But bear in mind that when not properly managed, either of these two loans can even get you in problems, particularly when you wind up owing the moneylender more than you are able to repay.

While choosing a suitable loan for you, you will need only to remember one thing. You should always first find out all it is for you to know regarding the lending services.

The other thing is to that you have to ensure you know. This is the exact amount that your income can let you take in loans. Certainly, you do not wish to end up having a loan which is not payable using your income. This way you can definitely know the right loan choice.