Are You Committing These Mistakes When Taking Personal Loans?

Many people in Singapore take out cash loans for different reasons. Without knowing borrowers make mistakes that could end up costing them time and money. However, some mistakes are rather easy to avoid. Keep reading for your understand and knowledge in each one, that way you will not end up with regrets like many others.

How To Keep Your Credit Rating Healthy

Getting a high credit rating can offer you a huge variety of benefits. Most banks and other lending institutions are keen to loan you money when your credit score is in good standing. With this, you qualify for a larger personal loan amount, get it a lot faster, and even pay lower interests. But, when

Serious Consequences of Skipping Your Loan Payments

Defaulting on loan repayments has serious costs. These consequences might interfere with your goals. When you take out a loan be sure to repay it. Always take a loan amount you are able to repay. Failure to pay your personal loan seems like the easy way out. But it could create troubles. This can haunt

What You Should Understand Before Applying For Personal Loan

At times in life, money could be a bit tight. As you are getting in control of your situation. An emergency expense comes your way. This may be a medical bill that has to be paid off. Or it could be a car repair that needs to be taken care of. It even could be

Life Situations Where Personal Loan Makes Perfect Sense

Many Singaporeans think that loans are not healthy to have. This is when it comes to their finances. Some believe that loans prevent you from saving. As there are debts to repay each month. Rather than save a big chunk of the paycheck. Thus, it might be a little tricky in budgeting the money. This

Taking Payday Loan Interest Rates In Singapore

Singapore has no shortage of lenders. These lenders are often ready to lend you some money. Banks have made it easy to get personal loans. Their approval processes sometimes take few hours to 2 days. Then there are licensed moneylenders. These lenders are willing to offer you money to about anyone. However be sure to

Difference Between A Pawn Shop And A Licensed Moneylender

Not many Singaporeans have access to loans. This could be loans issued by banks and key financial organizations in Singapore. It is for this reason that pawn shops and licensed moneylenders are very important. Pawn shops and authorized moneylenders serve borrowers who require small yet urgent loans. And this is without needing to wait long

Payday Loan Vs. Personal Loan: Knowing The Best Choice For You

When you are facing problems planning for your income. Especially when it is to last you until the next payday. Then you do not have to worry about it. There are those instances when you have to deviate for a moment from the strict budget. This might be either for the purpose of pampering yourself