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We will help you find the best personal loans offered by licensed money lenders in Singapore. Our all-inclusive directory of the legal money lenders will assist you in getting the best loan deal.

Licensedmoneylender.Loan is the unbiased industry voice for personal loan packages and money lending services in Singapore. We offer the latest reads for individuals looking for urgent loan solutions, as well as guidance on personal finances.

Our aim is to assist you in choosing the right loan from legal money lenders through surveys and research done throughout Singapore.

Who We Are

We are unbias directory for individuals looking for instant loan solutions, like personal loans, renovation loans, as well as also get personal finance advice. In your time of need, we’ll help you choose the best loan providers by research and surveys. We are well-versed to offer you different personal loan packages that are customized to meet financial requirements.

All this are within the Singaporean law framework and is based on the Moneylenders Act. Nearly all licensed money lenders will give and disburse loans in a day. It’s possible to obtain loans within hours once you meet the requirements and present all the paperwork.

Check out the list of all the participating licensed moneylenders’ reviews and ratings with us. Our devotion is to gathering opinion from the public. Thus feel free to give us your valuable feedback regarding the list of partaking licensed money lenders.

Our platform is dedicated to assisting borrowers to get the best deals on personal loans. We only feature licensed money lenders, meaning competitive interests, clear personal loan contracts and legal moneylenders offering friendly services to your needs.

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes we face cash flow problems. This can be challenging for you to borrow from friends and relatives. In Singapore, legal money lender industry is regulated thus offering protection to borrowers.

We are a platform that connects potential borrowers to licensed and legal moneylenders in Singapore. As for borrowers with low credit ratings and are unable to borrow from banks, it’s feasible for you to get bad credit personal loan from a legal money lender.

Licensed money lenders offer personal loans to Singaporeans and are often regulated by the Singaporean authorities. It is advisable that you familiarize yourself with borrower’s rights prior to taking any loan. Interest rates from legal moneylenders are always regulated. But generally speaking, bad credit loans deserve a slightly higher interest compared to those from banks owing to the higher risk legal money lenders take up from the bad credit loans. Legal money lenders give short-term financial help to those with such needs

Get The Best Rates From Licensed Moneylender

Borrowers are consumers thus they deserve the best customer service possible. Exercise your rights as a consumer and get the best customer service you are worthy of.  Out committed is in offering a friendly and conducive environment for all our customers.

All our moneylenders are devoted to offering the best loan approval-time. We connect genuine borrowers to the best-licensed money lenders offering the most competitive rates. We aim at being a One-Stop Shop for all borrowers and moneylenders to meet and get information and connect with one another. It is our goal and devotion is to help borrowers looking for financial assistance.

The moneylenders listed on our website comply with the regulations and rules set by Singapore’s money lending act

We Shortlist The Best Licensed Moneylender in Singapore

Whenever we find ourselves amid an urgent financial need, we often seek for quick cash help from our relatives and friends. However, they are not always ready or even have sufficient money to loan us. Under such circumstances, there are many legal money lenders that offer quick cash loans.

We do not want to give you misleading promises. Therefore, Financial Directory Singapore as a guide will help you in looking for the right solution to your urgent financial needs.

Based on best moneylender reviews and feedback, we have put together a list of the most excellent licensed moneylenders available in Singapore. These lenders offer competitive interests and consistent services that will help you find any type of loan you may need. You will get guidance in making the urgent cash loan easy and fast.

Our directory is your online destination for information regarding financial services within Singapore. We only provide accurate, real, and true information on loan services in Singapore. Our aim is to help reduce the gap between borrowers and private money lender in Singapore.

Why You Should Choose Us

There are numerous offerings which make our services stand out among the most trusted financial directories found online for our customers.

Safe Method Of Getting Loans

Illegal and Unlicensed moneylenders will give you easy interests, that lack clarity when it comes to loan repayments and they have a low security. Legal moneylenders will, however, provide you with the right financial help during the difficult situation and in a safe way.

Compare Rates Offered From Various Moneylenders

We offer a finance directory, thus you are able to check which financer gives the best rates and then match your demands based on that. Although all the licensed moneylenders are listed with us, the rates they offer will be different for each one of them. Hence the freedom is yours to choose your best creditor.

Calculate Your Monthly Installments

Using the rates given by the licensed moneylender and the loan calculator, you are now able to decide on your repayment plan for the loan amount taken.

Financial Management Guidelines

We also offer you the option of browsing through our site as well as check out some financial management tips. We also offer you several payday loan options which will ensure that you can handle similar emergencies in future.

Protection Of Your Personal Information

We can assure you that all the personal information that you will need to give for you to browse our website is safe thus will never be disclosed without your permission.  All you need to do is register with us hence giving yourself the extra edge as well as start a smart way of working. A premium offer is provided for you which features a list that will introduce you to huge options in one instant.

So if you need any financial assistance, come and talk to one of our reliable money lenders in Singapore today!


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